MCGB B2DSC Faidx TNAC-marker MGOC TR PP-Locator

Query non-redundant TR arrays (Percent Matches ≥ 80) --- WEWSeq-v1.0

1. one: only one record (RC) exists in a range, no overlap.
2. same-range: multiple RCs found in a range, but each has the same indices as the indices of the range.
3. almost-same-range-to-total: At least one RC covers 80% or more of the range and has the max copy number (among all the records of the range).
4. complicated: others.

Range: from to bp
A very large upper limit is approximately no upper limit.
≤ Copy Number ≤
≤ Consensus Size ≤
≤ Percent Matches ≤