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Parameter for blastn to chromosomes
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Note: Length of each DNA sequence should ≥ 10 bp. This is a small server, so only first 20 valid sequences will be blasted.


Data sources.

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+ BLASTN algorithm parameters -- Click and change the defaults if not searching for repeats!
BLASTN to chromosomes

Parameters not shown are using default settings. Help

(0..100) -- Percent identity (%)
(0..100) -- Percent query coverage per hsp (%)
≥ 30 bp    < 30 bp (Real number) -- Expectation value (E) threshold for saving hits
≥ 30 bp    < 30 bp Word size for wordfinder algorithm (length of best perfect match)
Filter query sequence with DUST

The setted output format for blastn is '6' (Tabular), the specifiers could be:

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Optional features

Share blast results if the sequences are very similar. Or this.

This means:
1. Will not run bl2seq between the query sequences.
2. Will not run bl2seq between the query sequence(s) and known probe sequences.
Enter Sequence to Filter -- Optional
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The following parameters are format specifiers for tabular blast results. HSP (High-scoring Segment Pair) with values less than that setted will not be considered.
(70..100) -- Percentage of identical matches (%)
(70..100) -- Query Coverage Per HSP (%)