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About B2DSC

This server is in Dr. Zujun Yang Lab at School of Life Science and Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Originally, B2DSC was established to provide a view of the distribution of the homologous sequences of several oligonucleotide probes on chromosomes, mainly for wheat research. Based on the newly released IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 of bread wheat variety Chinese Spring, which is an assembly of high-quality, we can get the general distribution of repeated sequences in the genome, then do a plot to view it.


B2DSC mainly depends on:

  1. blastn in NCBI-BLAST+ suite (v2.2.30+).
  2. Perl real-time web framework Mojolicious (v6.15).
  3. Bio::SeqIO of BioPerl and other Perl modules (e.g. JSON and several core modules).
  4. Faidx of this server. Which provides a web interface for the Samtools (v0.1.19) command faidx.
  5. JavaScript libraries
    • jQuery: A fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library (v3.1.1).
    • D3.js: a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. (v4.8.0).
    • Spectrum.js: The No Hassle JavaScript Colorpicker (v1.8.0).
    • FileSaver.js: An HTML5 saveAs() FileSaver implementation.

Source of BLAST databases

  1. Wheat (Triticum aestivum): IWGSC RefSeq v1.0
  2. Barley (Hordeum vulgare): IBSC (2016-07-14): Pseudomolecules of the map-based reference genome assembly of barley cv. Morex. DOI:10.5447/IPK/2016/34
  3. Triticum dicoccoides (wild emmer wheat): WEWSeq v.1.0, WEW_v2.0
  4. Aegilops tauschii: Aet v4.0
  5. Triticum turgidum L. ssp. durum: EBI-ENA PRJEBI-ENA (study PRJEB22687)EB22687
  6. Triticum urartu: Tu2.0
  7. Brachypodium distachyon: v1.0
  8. Brachypodium distachyon v3.0: JGI v3.0 assembly of Brachypodium distachyon Bd21
  9. Oryza sativa Indica: Oryza sativa Indica Group cultivar:Shuhui498 (long-grained rice)
  10. Zea mays: AGPv4
  11. Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas): ipoBat4
  12. Peanut
  13. Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris): RefBeet-1.2.2
  14. Pummelo (Citrus grandis): Citrus grandis (L.) 'Wanbaiyou' v1.0
  15. Pyxicephalus adspersus: assembly_Pads_1.0
  16. Pisum sativum : pea
  17. Cotton
  18. Hexaploid OAT(OT3098 Hexaploid Oat): OAT_OT3098_V1,OAT_OT3098_V2
  19. diploid OAT
  20. diploid barley
  21. Weining_v01_rye
  22. Secale_Lo7
  23. Buckwheat
  24. Hordeum_marinum