Add new data for cotton, the source is COTTONGEN Data Download.
Add new data for Pisum sativum, the source is pea.
Add new data for Pyxicephalus adspersus, the source is assembly_Pads_1.0.
Add new data for chickpea, the source is ASM33114v1.
Change the database name 'wheat' to 'Triticum_aestivum-iwgsc_refseqv1_0'.
Add new data for durum wheat, the source is EBI-ENA PRJEBI-ENA (study PRJEB22687)EB22687.
Add new data for Citrus grandis, the source is HWB.chromosome.fa.tar.gz.
Add new data for Beta vulgaris, the source is RefBeet-1.2.2.
Add new data for Triticum dicoccoides, the source is WEW_v2.0.
Released the source code of B2DSC at Gitee.
Change 'qcovs' of Filter or share to 'qcovhsp', modified corresponding functions.
Now, the sequences will be aligned to each other to check their similarity.
Add new data for peanut, the source is PeanutBase.
Fixed this issue: the 5B sequence of Triticum dicoccoides (WEWSeq v.1.0) was incomplete.
Add new data for sweet potato, the source is ipoBat4.
Add new data for Triticum urartu, the source is Tu2.0.
Make the 'specifiers' of blastn output format 6 customizable. See Home page of this service, in the 'BLASTN algorithm parameters' block.
User now can save 'Best hit HSP' to a text file by click 'save the data here to a text file' in the 'Job status' page of a job.
Add new data for Aegilops tauschii, the source is Aet v4.0.
Add this new web page (Update log).